Possible risks and side effects

As with all medical procedures involving an injection, there is a risk of pain, bleeding, swelling, and infection. Bruising may occur and may be more obvious the next day, and can take up to 10 days to fade. The areas that have been injected may appear red and feel itchy for up to a week after treatment, and you may be able to feel the small amounts of filler as tiny lumps under the skin. There is a chance that your face may not appear symmetrical after treatment.

There is a risk during treatment of touching a blood vessel, and if filler is placed into the vessel it may block the blood vessel in that area or travel and block the blood vessel in a different area. If this does happen the blockage can be broken down with a special injection, however left untreated, in the worst case scenario skin necrosis, abscesses, or even blindness can occur. These can be caught early and if you notice any colour changes to your skin anywhere on your face, please let me know.

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